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Georgetown Criminal Defense Attorney - Georgetown DWI Attorney - Georgetown Divorce Lawyer in Austin, Texas For Sale

Georgetown Criminal Defense Attorney - Georgetown DWI Attorney - Georgetown Divorce Lawyer
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Georgetown Criminal Defense Lawyer
Georgetown Criminal Defense Lawyer ? Georgetown DWI Attorney ? Georgetown Divorce Lawyer ? Georgetown DWI Lawyer ? Georgetown Criminal Defense Attorney ?Georgetown Lawyer ? Georgetown Attorney - Georgetown Traffic Ticket Lawyer
Austin (Principal Office Location)
The Law Offices of Jason Trumpler, P.C.
512 E. 11th Street
Suite 110
Austin, TX xxxx1
Phone: 512-457-xxxx
Fax: 512-457-xxxx
The Law Offices of Jason Trumpler, P.C.
606 North Wall Street
Belton, Texas xxxx3
Phone: 866-722-xxxx
Fax: 512-457-xxxx
Dealing with criminal charges is a frightening experience. The legal system is complex and confusing and one should never face a criminal charge without a Georgetown Criminal Defense Attorney to protect their rights. It is important to note that the procedures in Williamson County differ substantially then the procedures in other Texas counties. This means it is imperative that you retain someone that is intimately familiar with the differing approach prosecutors and judges take in Georgetown. At the Law Offices of Jason Trumpler, P.C., our legal team is a knowledgeable and aggressive group of criminal defense lawyers. The team carefully and thoroughly prepares each case for the defense, no matter how serious the charges. We handle everything from simple traffic tickets, and low level misdemeanors to serious felonies, including but not limited to:
Driving While Intoxicated ( DWI / DUI )
DWI Tips
ALR Hearings
Occupational Licenses
Drugs, Possession or Sales
Drug Crimes Defense Lawyer
Texas Narcotics Possession Criminal Defense Lawyer
Marijuana Defense
Unlawful Weapons
Trafficking Possession with Intent to Deliver
Driving While License Suspended ( DWLS )
Sexual Offenses
Domestic Violence / Family Violence
Probation Violations
Expunctions / Expungements
Evading Arrest or Detention
Orders of Non-Disclosure
We also handle family law matters including divorce and custody matters in Georgetown.
Our preparation and experience often results in discovering strong defense opportunities that can be exploited in the battle for the defense of your case. In many criminal cases, it requires an aggressive approach in order to increase the possibility of a better outcome. The legal team at the firm takes pride in their reputation as hard-hitting and skilled criminal lawyers. The reputation is has been earned through years of defending cases in Georgetown.
At the Law Offices of Jason Trumpler, P.C., every case is handled by and personally reviewed by Mr. Trumpler. Even though, on occasion, another attorney may appear with you in court, Mr. Trumpler personally reviews all cases, negotiates each case with the prosecution, and will personally try the case if necessary. All said and told, Mr. Trumpler has personally taken around 100 cases to verdict in front of a jury.
Mr. Trumpler, as a former prosecutor, has the experience to understand what it is like to wear both hats in the criminal process. When he reviews and prepares a case, he does so from both perspectives so that he has firm understanding of what the prosecution will present, if and when, the case goes to trial. This experience has enabled him to achieve outstanding results in Georgetown. The firm has a policy regarding communication between the client and the firm, which is the "callback" policy. Unfortunately, many clients that have come to the firm have had the experience at other firms of paying the fees and then being unable to get a return call. This would violate office policy and this policy is strictly maintained. You will always be "in the loop" when you are represented by a criminal defense lawyer from the Law Offices of Jason Trumpler, P.C. We have a policy at our firm of treating each client, whether retained or appointed, as if he or she is part of our family. We do our best to return all client communications within 24 hours. Contact a Georgetown Criminal Defense Attorney at 512-457-xxxx Prior to Questioning
When you have been arrested and charged with a crime, whether a first DWI offense or a serious felony charge, one rule holds true: do not discuss your case or answer questions until you have legal representation. In order to defend your case, you need legal counsel to advise you of your rights and how to proceed in answering questions by law enforcement. Fast action by a criminal defense lawyer from our firm can make the crucial difference in any criminal charge. Our legal team is ready to move and take the critical defense actions that may change the outcome of your case for the better. Remember, we handle cases in Georgetown courts on an almost daily basis.
Serious Consequences for Georgetown, Texas DWI Cases 
A Georgetown DWI charge has serious consequences. You may lose your driver's license, experience a substantial increase in car insurance rates, pay large fines and court costs, suffer a driver's license surcharges ranging from $3,000.00 to $6,000.00 over a 3 year period, and possibly face jail time. Don't leave your future to chance. Select an Georgetown DWI attorney who will fight for you. At the Law Offices of Jason Trumpler, P.C. we will work for dismissal or reduction of your charge. If we are unable to negotiate a dismissal or a reduction of your charge, Mr. Trumpler is more than happy to fight your case in front of a jury. Overall, Mr. Trumpler has tried close to 100 drunk driving cases. Don't let this arrest record affect your job or your future; call the Law Offices of Jason Trumpler, P.C. immediately at 512-457-xxxx to discuss how we can handle your case.
A Word of Warning about your Texas Driver's License If you have been arrested for DUI or DWI, you have 15 days from the date of arrest to contact DPS to schedule an Administrative License Review Hearing. Failure to do so, will lead to the automatic suspension of your Texas driver's license. 
Brief Attorney Biography 
Jason Trumpler graduated in December of xxxx from the University of Texas School of Law. After graduation, Mr. Trumpler worked for the Ventura County, California, District Attorney's Office as a Deputy District Attorney. During his tenure with the Ventura County District Attorney's Office Mr. Trumpler was known for creatively and successfully trying difficult cases. Mr. Trumpler briefly entered the civil arena from xxxx until xxxx before returning to criminal law as a Deputy District Attorney in Orange County, California. During his career as a prosecutor in Orange County, Mr. Trumpler took over 30 jury trials to verdict. Mr. Trumpler also trained law enforcement officers throughout Orange County in investigative techniques, DWI/DUI enforcement, testimony, and report writing. While with the Orange County District Attorney's Office, Mr. Trumpler tried a number of cases with renowned DUI Defense Attorney Myles L. Berman. Mr. Trumpler was eventually recruited by Mr. Berman to run his Orange County Office, which Mr. Trumpler did for over two years. All said and told Mr. Trumpler has taken over 100 jury trials to verdict. He has evaluated cases as both a prosecutor and criminal defense lawyer and tried cases on both sides successfully. He has an excellent reputation in Georgetown among peers, prosecutors, and the bench.
The Law Offices of Jason Trumpler
We also assist people in Central Texas with Basic Business Formation, Collection Matters, Eminent Domain Issues, Estate Planning, Family Law Matters, General Civil Litigation, and Select Personal Injury Matters.
Contact Us Today:
The Law Offices of Jason Trumpler
512 East 11th Street, Suite 110
Austin, TX xxxx1 
Georgetown Contact Information 
Georgetown Police Department
809 Martin Luther King, Jr.
Georgetown, TX xxxx6
Phone: 512-930-xxxx Fax: 512-930-xxxx 
Georgetown Municipal Court
101 E. 7th St.
Georgetown, TX xxxx6
Phone: 512-930-xxxx Fax: 512-930-xxxx
Williamson County Justice Center 
405 Martin Luther King Jr. St.
Georgetown, TX xxxx6 
Judge Suzanne Brooks County Court at Law #1 Williamson County, Texas
405 M.L.K. Street
Georgetown, TX xxxx6
Phone: (512) 943-xxxx Fax: (512) 943-xxxx 
Judge Tim Wright County Court at Law # 2 Williamson County, Texas
405 M.L.K. Street
Georgetown, TX xxxx6
Phone: (512) 943-xxxx Fax: (512) 943-xxxx 
Judge Doug Arnold County Court at Law #3 Williamson County, Texas
405 M.L.K. Street, Box 16
Georgetown, TX xxxx6
Phone: (512) 943-xxxx Fax: (512) 943-xxxx 
Judge John B. McMaster County Court at Law #4 Williamson County, Texas
405 M.L.K. Street, Box 17
Georgetown, TX xxxx6
Phone: (512) 943-xxxx Fax: (512) 943-xxxx 
Judge Billy Ray Stubblefield 26th District Court Williamson County, Texas
405 M.L.K. Street
Georgetown, TX xxxx6
Phone: (512) 943-xxxx Fax: (512) 943-xxxx
Judge Ken Anderson 277th District Court Williamson County, Texas
405 M.L.K. Street
Georgetown, TX xxxx6
Phone: (512) 943-xxxx Fax: (512) 943-xxxx 
Steve Benton Williamson County Justice of the Peace Precinct 3
301. S.E. Inner Loop, Ste. 103
Georgetown, TX xxxx6
Telephone: (512) 943-xxxx Fax: (512) 943-xxxx
Williamson County Sheriff's Office Williamson County, Texas
508 S. Rock St.
Georgetown, TX xxxx6
Phone: (512) 943-xxxx Fax: (512) 943-xxxx 
Georgetown Resources 
Williamson County Jail Inmate Search
Williamson County Judicial Records Search 
Contact Us Today at 512-457-xxxx
We have offices in Austin, Texas and Fort Worth, Texas and are available for consultation 24 hours a day at 866-722-xxxx. We are also available for jail releases in Travis County.
The Law Offices of Jason Trumpler, P.C.

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